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Healthcare Tech at Jumpseat Research

Advancing Healthcare through Human Factors Research

Healthcare Technology and Human Factors

Our mission is to ensure that healthcare products not only meet regulatory standards but also embody the principle of “first, do no harm.” Whether it’s achieving 510(k) regulatory clearance, creating safer hospital environments, or optimizing electronic health records, our state-of-the-art usability labs and seasoned Ph.D. researchers are equipped to guide you to success.

The Pillars of Healthcare Tech at Jumpseat Research

Commitment to Safety and Effectiveness: At Jumpseat Research, our approach to healthcare technology is rooted in a profound commitment to safety and effectiveness. We understand the critical importance of these factors in healthcare and dedicate our resources to ensure that every product we work on adheres to the highest standards.

Understanding Clinical Performance: We delve into the intricate dynamics of clinical settings, examining how teamwork, tasks, equipment, workspace, culture, and organization influence human behavior and abilities. Our insights are not just theoretical; we apply this knowledge directly to enhance clinical performance.

Enhancing User Experience in Healthcare

The Challenge of Usability in Healthcare Systems: The implementation and deployment of health information systems have historically faced significant challenges. Recognizing this, Jumpseat Research places a strong emphasis on usability and user experience (UX) in healthcare.

A User-Centered Approach: Our approach to healthcare tech is inherently user-centered. We rigorously study and test how healthcare professionals interact with technology, ensuring that systems are intuitive and efficient, and, most importantly, enhance patient care.

Jumpseat Research’s Contributions to SaMD and Healthcare Tech

SaMD Expertise: In the realm of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Jumpseat Research excels. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this innovative field and provide comprehensive support to navigate its complexities.

Optimizing Electronic Health Records (EHRs): EHRs stand at the forefront of healthcare technology. Our team applies Human Factors Research to optimize these systems, focusing on enhancing usability and improving patient outcomes.

Elevating Healthcare: A Future-Focused Partnership

Shaping Tomorrow’s Healthcare Solutions: At Jumpseat Research, we are not just responding to today’s challenges in healthcare tech; we are anticipating and shaping future solutions. Our work is driven by a vision of a healthcare ecosystem where technology seamlessly integrates with human needs.

A Partnership for Progress: Partnering with Jumpseat Research means more than just achieving compliance or enhancing a product. It means being part of a movement towards a safer, more effective, and human-centric healthcare future.

Elevating Healthcare: A Future-Focused Partnership

In the critical field of healthcare, Jumpseat Research’s commitment to Human Factors Research sets us apart. Our focus on safety, usability, and user experience ensures that healthcare technologies not only meet the required standards but also profoundly enhance the way healthcare is delivered. Join us at Jumpseat Research, and be a part of redefining healthcare technology for a better tomorrow.